Put in Bay Golf Carts

266 Delaware Avenue Put-in-Bay Ohio 43456

Frequently asked questions:

Q:Do golf carts sell out on Put-in-Bay Frequently?
A:ABSOLUTELY. Put-in-Bay during season usually sees over 10,000 visitors with under 1,000 carts available. Even though we have the largest cart inventory we still almost always sell out
Q:Which is better gas or electric golf carts?
A:By far gasoline powered golf carts are the way to go. We contemplated going with electric golf carts in the beginning because we like the “green” feel but we found that many travelers were getting stuck with dead batteries as soon as ONE HOUR of usage. Batteries not only are designed in golf carts to last only for a few rounds of golf BUT they also have a very low life expectancy and can give out at any time. Not to mention gas carts are a faster machine.
Q:Can we keep our golf cart overnight at our hotel
Q:Can you get a O.V.I. when operating a golf cart?
A:Yes you can. Operating a golf cart along with any other vehicle including but not limited to bicycles rollerblades and even wheelie shoes one is excepted to abide by the same laws enforced while operating an automobile.
Q:Can I bring my automobile onto the island?
A:While it is possible to bring a motor vehicle to the island it is highly not recommended. Vehicles extremely expensive to bring onto Put-in-Bay.

As well parking is very limited and wait times to get a car over or back can be as much as 3 to 4 hours

Q:Is there parking at my hotel for golf carts?
A:Most all lodging facilities recommend using a golf cart as a means of transportation since they are smaller in size and they will have more golf car accessible parking.