Frequently Asked Questions:

ABSOLUTELY. Put-in-Bay during the season usually sees over 10,000 visitors with under 1,000 carts available. Even though we have the largest cart inventory we still almost always sell out. For this reason, we suggest making Golf Cart On-Line Reservation

By far gasoline powered golf carts are the way to go. We contemplated going with electric golf carts in the beginning because we like the “green” feel but we found that many travelers were getting stuck with dead batteries as soon as ONE HOUR of usage. Batteries not only are designed in golf carts to last only for a few rounds of golf  BUT they also have a very low life expectancy and can give out at any time. Not to mention gas powered golf carts are a faster machine.

Yes. All of our Put-in-Bay Hotels & Resorts offer parking for your golf cart rental. For those renting overnight, a lock is provided to secure your cart.

Yes you can. Operating a golf cart like any other vehicle one is excepted to abide by the same laws enforced while operating an automobile. If you are unsure about any particular rule that may or may not apply to a golf cart, please be sure to ask a representative at the time of your rental.

While it is possible to bring a motor vehicle to the island it is highly not recommended. Vehicles extremely expensive to bring onto Put-in-Bay As well parking is very limited and wait times to get a car over or back can be as much as 3 to 4 hours. You will find that after the frustration of waiting and the expense it is more economical to rent a Put-in-Bay Golf Cart.

There are a wide variety of great Put-in-Bay Restaurants that offer all type of different food options. One of the best parts about exploring the island on your golf cart is stopping in for a small bite and more than one restaurant.

We suggest the Put-in-Bay Visitors & Convention Bureau website which has a comprehensive list of Put-in-Bay Events.  Here is another informative website that details many things to do at Put-in-Bay. One of our favorite things to do is explore the island on a golf cart. You have the freedom to come and go as you please spending as much or as little time as you wish at each attraction.

We do not have a liquor store on the island but we do have a beer and wine store as well as a full-service grocery store that is open daily. They have a good selection of fresh meats and are well stocked.

Yes, there are three main providers of cell service at Put-in-Bay so there should be no issue with service. The providers are AT&T, Sprint & Verizon. The quality of each is a little different depending on where you are on the island.

Yes there are several Put-in-Bay companies that rent Jet Skis, Kayaks, Boats and they are all just a five minute or less golf cart ride.

No. Golf Carts at Put-in-Bay must be inspected by the local police department, obtain a title stating “island use only” and then obtain and display license plates in Ottawa County.

Items that are consumed on the island must be moved by a Put-in-Bay Ferry which adds to the expense of virtually everything we use on the island. One of the few exceptions is US Mail which is the same price as on the mainland.

Put-in-Bay is part of the state of Ohio and therefore has the same drinking age as the rest of the state which is 21 years old.

Put-in-Bay maintains a  full-time professional EMS crew and a well-trained volunteer Fire Department. In cases of a life-threatening emergency, Life Flight services the island. 911 service is the same on the island just as the mainland.

The list is long! There are very few places on earth that offer so many things for kids in such a small area.  Mazes, Rock Climbing, Cave, Putt-Putt, Kayaking, gemstone mining, historical tours, parasailing, wildlife museums, harbor tours, free children’s fishing (poles provided) and so much more. a complete list of Put-in-Bay attractions for kids may be found here

This varies by year but generally about 500 people.

The Put-in-Bay Vistors & Convention Bureau Schedule of Events offers a comprehensive overview of what is happening n the island as well as event times, costs, and dates.

Yes, Put-in-Bay has a K thru 12th-grade school that also serves the children of Middle Bass Island.