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Put-in-Bay Golf Carts - Photo of a 2 person golf cart rental.Put-in-Bay Golf Carts are the preferred source of travel around the island and we’re one of the top-rated sources for golf cart rentals in Put-in-Bay, Ohio.
So you’ve made the decision to make a trip to Put-in-Bay but no trip to the island is properly prepared until you have reserved your golf cart online. Click Here!
Put-in-Bay Golf Carts offers the island largest and newest fleet of golf carts including EZ-GO, Yamaha & Club Car quality golf carts seating 2-4-6 & 8 passengers. All of our golf cart rentals are gas powered and offer the ability to rent for several days at a time, unlike slower electric carts which must be returned each day to be recharged.

Put-in-Bay Golf Carts Are Street Legal And May Be Operated Upon The Put-in-Bay, Ohio Roadways

Our golf carts feature headlights, taillights, turn signals, seat belts, rearview mirrors, and a horn and are permitted to be driven upon the island roadways. Overnight rentals are equipped with a locking mechanism to secure your cart. Your golf cart rental is a perfect way to tour the island and the most economical way to get to the Put-in-Bay Attractions at your leisure. Most of the Put-in-Bay Restaurants & Bars have ample golf cart parking with easy ingress and egress. Some Put-in-Bay Hotels & Resorts offer specials which include golf carts in your stay Sunday Thru Thursdays. These packages are generally the most affordable way to Visit Put-in-Bay Ohio and tend to book quickly. Information on reservations for packages can be found by calling the central reservation center for the island at 888-742-7829.

All Golf Cart Rentals Must Follow All Laws And Regulations Regarding Operation Including Age

Golf cart rentals are considered licensed motor vehicles on the island and the same traffic laws apply to golf carts as to automobiles. This includes operating a vehicle under the influence, open containers, overloading, and all general commons sense laws. Children or unlicensed drivers are not permitted to operate or occupy the driver’s seat at any time on a roadway or other property.
You must be 18 years of age to rent a golf cart and possess a valid drivers license. Golf cart speeds are regulated to approximately 15 mph, a safe speed for you and your occupants. There are stiff fines and penalties for attempting to tamper with speed limiting devices.

Things To See And Do With Your Golf Cart Rental

Having your own golf cart allows you and your group to explore the many Put-in-Bay Attractions including the top 20 free things to do at Put-in-Bay at your own pace. Each attraction on the island may appeal to you or your group differently and the ability to come and go as you please and not have to rely on a tour tram or a taxi is convenient and the best use of your travel dollars. Our Put-in-Bay Frequently asked questions may address additional questions you have if not our toll-free customer service hotline at 888-742-7829. You can find our golf cart rental rates here.
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Always Go Gas! Never Electric

Most golf cart rental agencies rent electric carts which were not designed for the demands placed upon them on public roadways. Put-in-Bay Golf Carts only rents gas-powered carts that are designed to run for days not hours eliminating the need to return and recharge.

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Put-in-Bay is frequented by thousands of people on any given day. There are 10 people to every 1 golf cart on the island not to mention the huge lines to rent day of. Book with Put-in-Bay Golf Carts online to assure your golf cart will be waiting for you as soon as you arrive.

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