The Best Cart Rental on the Island.

There is no better way to traverse the island.  Check out the details below on why Put-in-Bay Carts are your best option.

Put-in-Bay Golf Carts - Photo of a 2 person golf cart rental.Put-in-Bay Golf Carts are the preferred source of travel around the island, and we’re one of the top-rated, and only overnight golf cart rental agencies in Put-in-Bay, Ohio.

So you’ve decided to make a trip to Put-in-Bay, but no trip to the island is properly prepared until you have reserved your golf cart online.

Put-in-Bay Golf Carts offers the island the largest and newest golf cart rentals, including EZ-GO, Yamaha & Club Car quality golf carts seating 2-4-6 & 8 passengers. All of our golf cart rentals are gas-powered and offer the ability to rent for several days at a time, unlike slower electric carts, which must be returned each day to be recharged.

Put-in-Bay Golf Carts Are Street Legal And May Be Operated Upon The Put-in-Bay, Ohio Roadways

Our golf carts feature headlights, taillights, turn signals, seat belts, rearview mirrors, and a horn and are permitted to be driven upon the island roadways. Overnight rentals are equipped with a locking mechanism to secure your cart. Your golf cart rental is a perfect way to tour the island and the most economical way to get to all the attractions at your leisure.

Most of the Put-in-Bay Restaurants & Bars have ample golf cart parking with easy ingress and egress. Some of the Put-in-Bay Hotels & Resorts offer specials, that include a golf cart rental with your stay Sunday Thru Thursday. These packages are generally the most affordable way to Visit Put-in-Bay, Ohio, and tend to book quickly. You can get the information on reservations for packages by calling the island’s central reservation center at (833) 742-7827.

All Golf Cart Rentals Must Follow All Laws And Regulations Regarding Operation Including Age

Put in Bay Golf carts are considered licensed motor vehicles on the island and the same traffic laws apply to golf carts as to automobiles. It includes operating a vehicle under the influence, open containers, overloading, and general common sense laws. Children or unlicensed drivers are not permitted to operate or occupy the driver’s seat at any time on a roadway or other property.

You must be 18 years of age to rent a golf cart and possess a valid driver’s license

All Put-in-Bay Golf Carts speeds are regulated to approximately 15 mph, a safe speed for you and your occupants. There are stiff fines and penalties for attempting to tamper with speed-limiting devices.

Things To See And Do With Your Golf Cart Rental

Having your golf cart allows you and your group to explore the many Put-in-Bay Attractions, including the top 20 free things to do at Put-in-Bay at your own pace. Each attraction on the island may appeal to you or your group differently, and the ability to come and go as you please and not have to rely on a tour tram or a taxi is convenient and the best use of your travel dollars. Our Put-in-Bay Frequently asked questions may address additional questions you have, if not our toll-free customer service at (419) 351-5166. You can find our golf cart rental prices here.

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Golf Cart Frequently Asked Questions

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Always Go Gas! Never Electric

Most golf cart rental agencies rent electric carts that were not designed for their demands on public roadways. Put-in-Bay Golf Carts only rents gas-powered carts designed to run for days, not hours, eliminating the need to return and recharge.

Don’t Miss Out! Book Your Put-in-Bay Golf Cart Rental TODAY!

Thousands of people frequent Put-in-Bay on any given day. There are 10 people to every 1 golf cart on the island, not to mention the huge lines to rent the day of. Book with Put-in-Bay Golf Carts online to ensure your golf cart will be waiting for you as soon as you arrive.

Why Choose Put-in-Bay Golf Carts?

1) We are good at what we do!

Put-in Bay Golf Carts have always been ideal for touring the island attractions. The machine’s use started as early as the 1960s, with only a few rentals available. Now, the island has fleets of varying sizes and types of golf carts. We, the golf cart rental agency, have one of the largest and most modern golf cart fleets for rent on the island. There is a reason why we became this big —we deliver what we promise!

2) Reliability and comfort

Customer satisfaction is the principle upon which Put-In-Bay Golf Carts rests. Hundreds of our patrons enjoy using our well-maintained golf carts, which have seating capacities ranging from two to eight. All our golf cart rentals are gas-powered and manufactured by companies like EZ-GO and Yamaha. Their reliability and comfort are well-known. Unlike battery-powered golf carts, these carts give you a worry-free trip: no slowing down and no frequent stops for charging.

3) Get the best from the best

Golf cart rentals are ideal for the South Bass Island roadways, and you can set your own pace to ply along these flat, paved roads. The golf carts will allow you to enjoy the lovely and calm ambiance of the island. As for parking, most restaurants and hotels provide parking spaces for golf carts. Those of you taking overnight rentals will get a lock for your cart so that you can secure them at night. No worries.

4) Your safety is our priority

Put-in-Bay Golf carts are the safest way to travel around the island. As for our golf carts, we have installed a governor to limit the speed to 15 miles an hour for all golf carts! Our well-trained staff ensures all equipment on board is in the pink of health. We have a strict policy preventing staff from tampering with the safety equipment.

5) Firm on following the law

All the carts from Put-In-Bay Golf Carts are street-legal. The same laws that apply to other automobiles in the State of Ohio apply to our golf carts. We undertake regular safety and roadworthiness tests of our vehicles. All our machines have a license to operate on the island roadways. We ensure that no one without a valid license takes our carts for rent. So the next time you see a tourist driving our cart, you can assure yourself they are as good a driver as you are!

6) Rental Prices you can afford

We made our golf cart rental fees to suit your budget. There are more expensive cart rentals on the island. The most appealing part of our rental options is the overnight option. If you want to keep the cart overnight, you can pay an extra $20. The return time will be noon the next day.

7) Different types of carts

Put-In-Bay Golf Carts offers you four kinds of golf carts. They are Two-seater, four-seater, six-seater, and eight-seater. The two-seater is good for two adults and a child below the age of three. The four-seater has two rows of seats: One facing forward and one facing the rear. It is suitable for four adults. The six-seater has two rows facing forward and one row facing the rear. The large eight-seater has three rows facing forward and one facing the rear.

8) Easy golf cart reservations

If you have planned your trip to South Bass Island, it is time for you to book your golf cart rental with us. The “Book Now Button” at the top of our website takes you to a form wherein you can fill in your details and make the reservation. You can tick the overnight charges box on the form. We will charge your card on arrival for the entire amount for the specified days. You can also make same-day reservations.

9) Hassle-free cancellation policy

Untoward incidents, God forbid, might happen, and you may have to cancel a reservation, but we are here to ensure that this process is hassle-free and quick. If you want to cancel your reservation, just email us at Do so at least 24 hours before your scheduled arrival so that your card is not charged. We do not process cancellations over the phone. All communication about cancellation should thus be in writing.

10) Special packages, a lot of fun!

Put-In-Bay Golf Carts offers many special rental packages that meet your needs. Packages like Jet Away and Get Away include accommodation, transport (a golf cart), and food. Book a package with us, relax, and let us handle your requirements. We also provide a discount coupon sheet worth $100 when you ride the Put-In-Bay ferry boat. You can use these coupons at local establishments.

Are you looking for golf cart rentals in Put-in-Bay, Ohio? Get in touch with us now!

5 Benefits Of Using A Put-in-Bay Golf Cart Rental

1) Ease of traveling around the island

Golf carts are easier to drive on an island than cars. Most islands have narrow paths and pocket roads that cannot accommodate cars. Our golf cart rentals have navigation equipment, headlights, taillights, turn signals, and seatbelts. This means you can safely use the cart during the day and night.

2) Cut down on ferry expenses

Bringing your car over has its disadvantages. Often, such a decision can ruin the entire purpose of vacationing. One reason is the hefty fee to ferry your car. Moreover, the ferry service might take several hours to bring your car over. Parking space is scarce, and gas stations are sparse. Unless you are outrageously rich, don’t bother about roaming around in your car on the island.

3) Affordable services, peace of mind

None wants to spend on something temporary. Golf carts are the ideal vehicle for vacation visits to South Bass Island. Don’t worry about seating capacity! There are different golf cart rentals with two, four, six, and eight seats. Book a cart before your arrival, take the cart from the rental services, and go wherever you want.

4) We handle your luggage efficiently

If your group has elderly, disabled individuals, or children, golf carts are ideal. Our Golf cart rentals have luggage space as well. Also, golf carts are super easy to operate. Turn on the ignition key, put your foot on the gas, and you are in the business. The fuel consumption is also low. So, you will save a few extra dollars on fuel.

5) Save time, effort

Like taxi services and ridesharing apps, booking is available for golf cart rentals; please book before your arrival. Yes, planning for vacations is never easy. But booking a golf cart before your arrival should be on the checklist. Booking means your transport will be ready when you and your family reach the island.

Get in touch with us to know why we are the #1 golf cart rental source in Put in Bay.

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